Former Members

Former Graduate students 2000-present

Mary Gurak  email:
PhD 2017 (Harvard)    
“Studies of the Yttrium Tantalate - Zirconium Oxide Quasi-Binary”
Current Position: Senior Materials Engineer, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines, East Hartford, CT

William Bonificio    
PhD 2015 (Harvard)    
“Bacterial Approaches to the Recovery of Scarce Metals”    

Xin Liang  email:
PhD 2013 (Harvard)    
“Structure and Thermoelectric Properties of ZnO Based Materials”
Current Position:  Professor, Changzhou University

Taylor Sparks   email:
PhD 2012 (Harvard)    
Thesis: “Oxide Thermolectrics: The Role of Structure, Crystal Field and Spin on Thermopower in Strongly Correlated Spinels”
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Director, Materials Characterization Laboratory, University of Utah

Roger Diebold    email:
PhD 2012 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “The effect of chemical functionality on interfacial dielectric breakdown in filled silicone elastomer composites”
Current Position: President, Solchroma Technologies, Somerville, MA

Matthew D. Chambers    
PhD 2009 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “Luminescence of High Temperature Materials for Thermometry and Crystallographic Studies”
Current Position: Raytheon Goleta

Jenny Andrew    email:
PhD 2008 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “Ferroelectric Polymer-Based Nanocomposites: Towards Multiferroic Materials”
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida

LiGuo Chen
PhD 2008 (UCSB)
Thesis:“Heat Transport Through Thermal Barrier Coatings”

Jesse Williams  email: 
PhD 2008 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “Nano-Dispersion Strengthened Gold Films for MEMS Electrical Contacts”
Current Position: Chief Scientific Officer, LIM Innovations (Medical Devices industry)

Michael Winter
PhD 2006 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “Next Generation Thermal Barrier Coatings: Identification of Novel Materials with Low Thermal Conductivity”
Current Position: Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

Brian Naughton    
PhD 2006(UCSB)    
Thesis: “Magnetic Nanoparticles for Power Electronics”
Current Position: Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

Molly Gentleman    
PhD 2006 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “High Temperature Sensing of Thermal Barrier Materials by Luminescence”

Vanni Lughi    email:
PhD 2006 (UCSB)
Thesis: “Aluminum Nitride Thin Films for MEMS Resonators: Growth and Characterization”
Current Position: Assistant Professor in Materials, University of Trieste-Italy

Edward Etzkorn    
PhD 2005 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “Cracking in GaN Films Grown by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy”
Current Position: Program Examiner for International Development Assistance and Climate Change at the Office of Management and Budget

Adam Pzyzna    
PhD 2004 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “Thermal Oxidation-Induced Strain in Silicon Nanobeams”
Current Position: IBM Research, NY

John Nychka    email:
PhD 2004 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “Quantifying Outward Cation Diffusion in Thermally Grown Alumina Scales”    
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Alberta

Philip Tavernier    email:
PhD 2002 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “Piezoelectricity and Growth Polarization in III-V Nitrides”
Current Position: Intel Components, Portland, Oregon

Chong-yang Luo
PhD 2001 (UCSB)    
Thesis: “Thermal Conductivity Studies on GaN Films and Thermal Resistive Superlattice Structures by Thermal Wave Techniques”
Former Post-doctoral Researchers

Xiaofei Guan  email:
Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard University
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Shanghai Tech University

Samuel Shian 
Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard University  personal website
Current Position:  Solchroma Technologies, Somerville, MA

Mor Baram   email:
Post-doctoral Fellow, Harvard University (2010-2013)
Current Position: Application Engineering at Applied Materials, Israel
Assistant Professor, McMaster University

Sebastien Dreypondt email:
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of CA Santa Barbara
Current Position: Research Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Giuliano Gregori  email:
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of CA Santa Barbara (2003-2006)
Current Position: Staff, Max Planck Institute, FKF, Stuttgart

Andi Limarga
Post-doctoral Fellow, UCSB and Harvard University (2009-2011)
Current Position:  Apple

Qing Ma
Postdoctoral Fellow, UCSB (1991-1994)
Current Position: Sr. Technologist at Intel

Samuel Margueron
Post-doctoral Fellow, University of CA Santa Barbara (2004-2006)
Current Position:  Associate Professor, Diluted and Condensed Matter, Université de Lorraine

Yang Shen
Postdoctoral Fellow, UCSB and Harvard University (2007-2010)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Vladimir Tolpygo
Postdoc, University of CA Santa Barbara (1995-2006)
Current Position:  Principal Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace

Former Visiting Researchers

Jing Feng
Visiting Scientist, Harvard University (2012-2014)
Current Position: Professor of Physics, Kunming University, China

Eder Guidelli
Visiting Fellow, Harvard University (2013-2014)
Current: Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Sao Paulo

Laetitia Laversenne   email:
Visiting Scholar, Harvard University (2012-2015)
Research Officer, Institut NEEL CNRS

Alexsander Gurlo email:
Visiting Scientist, Harvard University (2010-2011)
Current:  Fachgebiet Keramische Werkstoffe, Technische Universität Berlin