Undergraduate and High-school Student Research

Opportunities exist for undergraduate and high-school participation in the research and educational activities of our group. These include but are not limited to the NSF funded REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) and Harvard-funded programs. Examples of the activities that the students have been engaged in since 2009 are illustrated below.

Summer 2015:

Lidya Abune, Bucknell University, REU student
Topic: fabricating dielectric actuators

Hudson Gloria, Tufts University
Topic:Kinetics and uniformity of reactive infiltration into VHB acrylic

Summer 2014:

Lidya Abune, Bucknell University, REU student
Topic: fabricating dielectric actuators

Summer 2013:

Dilawer Singh, University of Arkansas rising senior, REU student.
Topic: Liquid permeation in elastomer membranes

Damien Rou, Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux (France)
Topic: Densification of thermoelectric materials by SPS and their structural and thermoelectric charaterization

Summer 2012:

Amy Lorber, Harvard Junior
Harvard University Center for the Environment
Topic: Microbial Reactions with Tellurium

Hudson Gloria, REU student. Community College, Boston.
Topic: Creating inter-penetrating phase in VHB dielectric elastomers

Farnaz Ostovati, Senior, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London.
Topic: Modeling of damping in thermal barrier coatings systems.

Summer 2011:

Benedikt Kroll, The Oakridge High School, Arlington, Texas.
Topic: Mathematical description of the “hemi-helix”.
Co-author of paper: “Spontaneous and deterministic three-dimensional curling of pre-strained elastomeric bi-strips”, Jiangshui Huang, Jia Liu, Benedikt Kroll, Katia Bertoldi and David R. Clarke, Soft Matter.

Roy Zhang, Junior, Harvard.

Ainsley Faux, Junior, Harvard.
Topic: Rare-earth element separation processes

Alena McNamara, REU student. Junior, Holyoke College.
Topic: Characterization of nanofiber-based compliant electrodes.

Marianna Linz, Harvard Senior, Summer 2011.
Topic: Thermal History Sensor.
Co-author of paper: “Thermal History Sensor”

Summer 2010:

Jisoo Min, Groton School, Massachusetts. Summer 2010
Topic: Effect of crystallization on R-line luminescence from glass-ceramics

Alice Zhao, Harvard Undergraduate, Fall Semester, 2010